Atlas Obscura’s 100 Wonders Will Give Thrill-Seekers Some Ideas For an October Trip

Abandoned graves of Highgate Cemetery in London, UK.
Abandoned graves of Highgate Cemetery in London, UK. Image by redwallsky/Depositphotos

Back in 2015, travel site Atlas Obscura ran a series called “100 Wonders”, which covered 100 different little-known and thrilling or chilling spots or phenomena from around the world. Many of them, especially those posted during October, were about creepy, Halloween-appropriate things one could go see on a trip if they like being scared. This 100 Wonders playlist is a perfect place to start if you’re looking for a chilling-secrets-filled trip in the month of Halloween.

The Necropants

The “necropants”, called Nábrók in their native Iceland, are on view at the Icelandic Museum of Witchcraft. Well, a replica of them—the real thing would not be appropriate to show in person! These are an object used in old Icelandic magic rituals and are made from some … unsavory materials. Warning, the video below describes the fairly gross process of creating this object, so skip this if you’re squeamish. But, it’s a great thing to go see if you’re looking for a thrill on an October trip to Iceland.

Clown Motel

The Clown Motel, set in the Nevada desert, is more or less what it sounds like: a motel filled with clown paraphernalia. If you live in the Western USA, and you want to take a creepy road trip for Halloween, this is a perfect place to stay the night. Unless you enjoy clowns, in which case, it’s a perfect place for you to stay at any time of year!

Highgate Cemetery

London’s beautiful but decrepit Victorian cemetery was the site of a local hysteria. Spurring dueling magicians, vampire-hunting teenagers, and a lot of shenanigans, much of the town was convinced in the mid-1900s that real supernatural creatures were roaming the night at this location.