The Most Beautiful Deserts In the World

Atacama Desert, Chile.
Atacama Desert, Chile.

Deserts are not the most popular attractions among tourists, probably because people usually think there’s not much to see there. Even though this may be true in some cases, here are some of the most gorgeous deserts in the world that will prove that deserts are not boring.

Antarctic Desert, Antarctica

Most people don’t really know that Antarctica is actually a desert because it gets very little rain or snow. Antarctica is actually the largest desert on Earth and even though it’s remote and mainly used for scientific research, tourists can still visit it.

Pinnacles Desert, Australia

Located in Nambung National Park, the Pinnacles Desert with thousands of fascinating rock formations is one of the most intriguing and beautiful natural wonders to see in Australia.

Atacama Desert, Chile

The Atacama Desert is the driest place in the entire world, but in spite of that, it’s home to more than 230 plant species. Atacama is also a popular tourist spot where you can see many attractions like Moon Valley, Salt mountains, or Padre Le Paige Museum.

Salar De Uyuni, Bolivia

Salar de Uyuni is one of the most popular natural wonders in South America and the largest salt desert in the world that is occupying more than 3,900 square miles.