Auckland’s Sky Tower Has Something for Everyone

Going to Auckland without checking out its famous Sky Tower is like never going at all, and you won’t struggle to find something that interests you during your visit. The list of fun activities you can do here is pretty long, and it’s impossible not to find one you want to do.

Adrenaline Rush

Sky Tower is a huge hit with adventurous travelers who are always in the mood for a good adrenaline rush thanks to two of the most popular activities it has in store – SkyJump and SkyWalk.

Yoga Time!

If you’re not a huge adrenaline junkie and would rather have a more relaxing adventure at the Sky Tower, consider signing up for one of their yoga in the sky classes.

Family Fun

Sky Tower also offers a long list of activities you can enjoy during a visit with your kids, including several themed spaces where they can immerse in different fantasy worlds.

Great Food

Food lovers will feel right at home at Sky Tower, since it’s home to several fancy restaurants with great views, including The Sugar Club, Sky Café, and 360-degree revolving restaurant The Orbit.

Breathtaking Views

At the end of the day, the main reason why so many people want to check out Sky Tower are amazing views of the Auckland area they can enjoy during their visit.