Money-saving Tricks That Usually Aren’t Worth It

Photo by Christine Roy on Unsplash

Even if you’re constantly trying to save money on your travels, you’ll probably make a couple of mistakes along the way. Here are some common money-saving tricks that you should think about twice because they aren’t always as great as they seem.

Budget Airlines

Be careful when booking tickets with budget airlines because they’re a double-edged sword. Baggage is not included, service can be mediocre, and flights are sometimes scheduled at odd hours, so make sure to check if one of the regular airlines has a better offer on your dates.

Remote Accommodation

Accommodation at the outskirts of the city usually comes with a lower price tag, but it’s rarely worth it. You’ll spend extra money on public transportation every time you want to reach top attractions in the city center, and waste valuable time along the way.

Museum Cards

Museum cards can be amazing money-saver during longer stays, but you probably won’t be able to make them count if you’re staying somewhere for two or three days. Make a list of museums you’re really interested in, and see if the tickets are cheaper than a collective card, instead of pressuring yourself into going to all the museums you can see for free.