Bangladesh: Things You Need to Know Before Visiting

Dhaka, Bangladesh
Dhaka, Bangladesh. Photo by Masba Molla on Unsplash

You’ll have a hard time finding someone who didn’t enjoy their trip to Bangladesh. The country’s natural beauties alone are enough to appease the pickiest of travelers. The rest of its offering, such as vibrant culture and unique architecture, can be considered a bonus. However, there are some things you need to know before visiting Bangladesh.

U.S. Citizens Can Get Visa on Arrival

If you are a U.S. citizen and are traveling as a tourist, you can get a visa on arrival. It costs $51 and it’s valid for 30 days. However, you will need to meet certain conditions like having $500 in cash/credit to cover your costs during the stay, proof of accommodation, and a return airplane or bus ticket.  

It’s Surprisingly Cheap

Budget travelers love Bangladesh due to cheap accommodation, transportation, and food. Unlike some of its neighboring countries, Bangladesh will be friendly to your wallet and being on a tight budget won’t compromise your overall experience.

The Best Time to Visit

If you want to have a great time in Bangladesh and be able to explore the country comfortably, schedule your visit sometime between October and March. While this is the peak tourist season, the temperatures are mild and the rainfall is bearable.

You Might Be Asked For a Selfie

Bangladesh is not exactly a tourist hotspot, which is why foreigners are always an attraction. This is especially the case in smaller cities or villages. However, the locals are extremely friendly and don’t be surprised if they want to take a selfie with you.