Best Family-Friendly Activities To Do At Chicago’s Navy Pier

Navy Pier, Chicago.
Navy Pier, Chicago. Photo by Josh Howard on Unsplash

A trip to Chicago is incomplete without a visit to Navy Pier, one of its top waterfront attractions. This pier on the shoreline of Lake Michigan will impress you even more if you check it out with your entire family because it’s home to a long list of kid-friendly spots.

Ride Along

If fun rides happen to be your kids’ idea of fun, you won’t be disappointed by the Navy Pier Park. The iconic Centennial Wheel is its most popular attraction, but the Pepsi Wave Swinger, Light Tower Ride, and Drop Tower also deserve a moment of your time.

Food Bonanza

Navy Pier offers so many fun spots to explore that you’ll have to take a break and get some food at some point. Your kids will enjoy its many eateries and fast-food joints because they’ll get to taste many delicious treats along the way.

Immersive Attractions

Even if your kids aren’t huge fans of wild rides, they won’t be disappointed by the Navy Pier. You’ll find the Chicago Children’s Museum on its grounds, and it’s the best place to visit if your little ones enjoy interactive exhibits. Chicago’s Funhouse Maze is another great place to visit if you’re looking for an immersive experience.