Best Free Tourist Attractions You Should Check Out in Detroit, Michigan

Detroit, Michigan
Photo by Kahari King on Unsplash

Don’t want to spend too much money while visiting Detroit, Michigan, but still want to have fun? Then make sure to take advantage of the following best free tourist attractions.

Detroit International Riverfront

Detroit International Riverfront is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Detroit, and rightfully so. It stretches for 5.5 miles along the Detroit River and features many of the city’s important monuments and landmarks. Taking a stroll on the Detroit International Riverfront will result in some great sights and allow you to have a lot of fun time without spending any money.

Wayne State University Natural History Museum

Finding free museums in Detroit is tough but not impossible. One of them is Natural History Museum at Wayne State University. Here you’ll get to see various exhibits focusing on models of exotic animals and the natural world. There is also a planetarium that you can visit to learn more about the space.

The Guardian Building

The Guardian Building is one of Detroit’s most famous landmarks. The skyscraper draws attention thanks to its captivating exterior, but you need to get inside to really understand its draw. You’ll find impressive artwork, captivating interior decorations, and intriguing innovations in design and technology.