Best Places to Travel in November

Ireland’s Cliffs of Moher
Ireland’s Cliffs of Moher. Photo by Leighton Smith on Unsplash

November is a great time for travel if you want to avoid crowds, especially if you get a Thanksgiving break from work or school and want to use that as an opportunity to go abroad. Here are some places we highly recommend traveling to in November if you’re trying to decide what destinations are best for this fall month.

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Not only does Chiang Mai, the new capital of Northern Thailand, has a lot to offer from yummy food to lots of Buddhist temples to a booming art scene, but also this November, it’ll hold the annual Yi Peng lantern festival, which is one of the most beautiful cultural events you can see.


If you don’t mind a chillier vacation, Ireland can be a great choice for Thanksgiving this year, with lots of cozy fires and fresh woodlands to help you connect with the outdoors. There is even a 16th-century castle in County Clare, Dromoland Castle, offering a special Thanksgiving package this year.

The Seychelles

The Seychelles are not as popular as some other paradise-style beach travel destinations full of beaches, waterfalls, and jungles, but they are no less beautiful. Plus, November is the time where the weather there is absolutely perfect – and just before the high season in December when it starts to get crowded.