Best Tourist Attractions Nearby The St. Stephen’s Cathedral in Vienna, Austria

Vienna, Austria
Vienna, Austria. Photo by Christian Lendl on Unsplash

St. Stephen’s Cathedral is the most famous sight in Vienna, Austria, so you will probably find yourself in front of it at one point during your visit. After you’ve finished soaking up its imposing design and captivating history, you might want to think about using the opportunity to check out some of these nearby attractions as well.

Mozarthaus Vienna

The building where the famous composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart stayed while living in Vienna has been turned into a museum. Called Mozarthaus Vienna, the museum consists of rooms in which Mozart stayed in, display spaces dedicated to his life and work, and a functioning concert hall.

Sisi Museum

Sisi Museum is dedicated to Empress Elisabeth of Austria. The museum is located in the Imperial Palace and provides a unique insight into Elisabeth’s life. Its collection includes numerous personal objects that belong to the Empress, including clothes, jewelry, silverware, and even a reconstruction of her imperial saloon car.


Vienna’s Stadtpark is a place to go straight after seeing St. Stephen’s Cathedral. It’s peaceful nature, relaxing greenery, and floral arrangements will provide an ideal surrounding to let the impressions soak in. Also, you will get to enjoy various intriguing sights, including a renovated spa pavilion and various statues and monuments.