America’s Most Haunted Hotels & Restaurants to Check Out This Halloween

Huanted House
Photo by Eleanor Brooke on Unsplash

Spooky season is upon us, and if you’re like us, you’re looking forward to plenty of nights watching horror movies and checking out haunted houses with friends. While we know that most Halloween attractions are really just for fun, that doesn’t mean that some haunts aren’t the real deal, and for some reason, it turns out that ghosts seem to enjoy a good happy hour. Read on to learn more about some of the most haunted restaurants in America.

The Stanley Hotel – Estes Park, Colorado

Fans of Stephen King’s 1977 horror novel “The Shining,” may be familiar with the Stanley Hotel as the inspiration behind the story’s Overlook Hotel. In real life, the Stanley is believed to be one of the most haunted hotels in America, occupied by the ghost of its former owner Freelan Stanley’s wife Flora, among other spirits. With four restaurants and a whiskey bar, it has no shortage of places for guests hoping to encounter some paranormal activity to dine as they wait.

Bullock Hotel – Deadwood, South Dakota

Located in the historic town of Deadwood, this hotel and restaurant dates back to the days of the Wild West. Visitors and hotel workers have reported encounters with the hotel’s original owner, Seth Bullock, since his death in 1919, sharing that his ghost continues to keep a watchful eye over the establishment. Enjoy a meal at Bully’s, the in-house restaurant and bar, or book a room and stay overnight—if you’re brave enough, that is. 

The Pirates’ House – Savannah, Georgia

One of Savannah’s oldest restaurants is also believed to be the city’s most haunted. Since 1754, The Pirates’ House has hosted more than its fair share of questionable guests, initially operating as a gathering place for criminals and sailors. Today, its historic charm and fascinating history draw diners from around the world hoping to catch a glimpse of pirate apparitions.