Best Travel Ideas For Gamers

Image via Pixabay

Looking to incorporate your love for video games into your next vacation? Well, it can be done, and we’re not just talking about playing games while on a plane or in your hotel room. Instead, make video games the focal point of your trip and have a time of your life. Check out some ideas on how to do it below.

Visit American Classic Arcade Museum

Retro gaming has made a huge comeback in recent years, and you can’t go more retro than arcades. If you’re into oldies or just miss the times when all you needed to play a game was a coin in your pocket, then pay a visit to American Classic Arcade Museum.

Located in Laconia, New Hampshire, the museum has one of the largest collections of arcade games and includes titles from pre-electricity to the genre’s most popular era in the ’80s. You will be able to learn more about the history of gaming but also try some of the 300 games the museum has in its collection.

Have a Zombie Experience in London

Are you a fan of zombies and zombie-themed video games? If that’s so, then your perfect trip must include having a Zombie Experience in London. The city has an impressive offering of live zombie outbreak scenarios that will put the skills you’ve learned through video games to the test.

After you receive a short zombie battle training, you’ll be pushed straight into the action that will include a horde of zombies (played by actors) trying to get you. Some places even offer you the chance to flip the script and be a zombie yourself. How cool is that?

Make a Pilgrimage to Akihabara Electric Town

You can’t go wrong with making a trip to Japan if you are a gamer. The whole country is crazy about video games and has an unmatched gaming culture that you’ll fit right in. And once you’re there, make sure to head straight to Akihabara Electric Town.

This Tokyo neighborhood is the country’s video gaming hub. Here you can find countless shops offering electronic equipment, consoles, and video games, some of which are unavailable in the rest of the world. You will also find rare video games, memorabilia and collectibles, manga shops, arcade cafes, and much more.