The Biggest Vegan-Friendly Destinations Out There

Photo by roam in color on Unsplash

Traveling when you follow a plant-based diet can sometimes be a challenge. Depending on where you go, some places just don’t offer vegan alternatives or have any vegan-specific restaurants. So why not travel to one of the cities in the world that are known to be particularly vegan-friendly? Here are the top vegan cities to check out.

Chiang Mai, Thailand

With a reputation for being a haven for eco-travelers and digital nomads, Chiang Mai also happens to be one of the best places in the world to be a vegan. Not only does it have a lot of vegan restaurants, but it also hosts an annual Vegetarian Festival that offers a large variety of vegan foods.

Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

Another popular destination for digital nomads, Ubud is another incredibly vegan-friendly city. Located in the heart of the tropics, there are plenty of yummy tropical fruits available, as well as a number of restaurants that are very welcoming to vegans. Just try not to have a smoothie bowl every morning.

Tel Aviv, Israel

With one of the highest percentages of vegans of any country in the world, Israel’s capital, Tel Aviv, is a fantastic city to be a vegan in. With hundreds of vegan and vegan-friendly restaurants and a naturally vegan-friendly local cuisine, you won’t have any shortage of food options. Plus, there’s a convenient Vegan-Friendly sticker on a large percentage of the restaurants around town.