Best Ways to Save Money on Private Accommodation

Private accommodation comes with a higher price tag than cheap rooms in hostel dorms, but it’s the safest option at this time. If you’re struggling to afford a stay at a private apartment, use these tips to find the most affordable options out there.

Avoid Weekends

Accommodation tends to be more expensive on the weekends, because the demand is higher. Most people only have some free time on their hands on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights, but if that’s not the case with you, book your stay at any other time. It also comes in handy that most tourist attractions are less crowded during weekdays.

Don’t Travel Alone

Private accommodation is much cheaper when you have someone to split the cost with, even if it’s only one extra person. Book an apartment with your family members, friends, or a partner and have a fun and affordable holiday while quarantining together.

Home Exchange

If you’re willing to welcome strangers into your home when you’re not around, you can give home exchange websites a try. They allow you to swap your home with someone else’s and enjoy a stay in a completely new place for a couple of days.