Top Ski Resorts in Switzerland

Image by lukas_ from Pixabay

The ski season is about to open all over Europe, and this is exactly the right time to take a look at some of the most interesting resorts Switzerland has to offer.


This is the highest resort in the Alpes area, with summits as high as 3,900m. Other than the usual facilities, the ski resorts here offer guests a GPS app to help them navigate between the different tracks.

St. Moritz

This is a classic and perhaps most known as the luxury location for a ski vacation. The village has already hosted the Winter Olympics twice, and the facilities are state of the art. Don’t be surprised to find some world leaders and celebrities skiing on the same slopes as you.


Known mostly for the yearly economic summit, Davos is also a great place to ski in. The local resorts have more than 300km of different pistes (the longest is more than 13km long!), so you’ll never get bored.


This place is the perfect location for experienced skiers and less suitable for beginners. It has the steepest descents in Europe, which is obviously an attraction for many of the world’s professional skiers.