Europe’s Cheapest Capitals to Visit

Cheap European cities
Skopje, North Macedonia. Photo by Aleksandar Kyng on Unsplash

As popular as it is for tourism, the continent of Europe also has a well-deserved reputation as being not exactly the most inexpensive place on Earth to travel. Cities like Paris, London, and Amsterdam might be fantastic places to visit, but doing things there will also cost you a pretty penny. However, not all of Europe is wallet-squeezingly expensive to visit. Here are the three capital cities in Europe which will cost you the least to visit.

Skopje, North Macedonia

The cheapest capital city to visit in Europe is Skopje, North Macedonia. This charming city of just over 500,000 has a sixth-century fortress, a stunning old town, and an emblematic stone bridge that crosses the Vardar River and serves as one of the city’s most recognizable landmarks.

Pristina, Kosovo

The capital of the youngest country in Europe is another fantastic budget-friendly option in the Old Continent. Ravaged by war just over 20 years ago, Pristina is now a comfortable, small capital city to visit that offers pieces of Soviet-era, Ottoman, and Bulgarian history for travelers to explore.

Podgorica, Montenegro

On the banks of the Moraca River lies Podgorica, the capital of the small Balkan country of Montenegro. Located between the region’s mountains and the Adriatic Sea, it’s easy to get lost in this charming city’s sights, including a Turkish clock tower and the city’s many impressive churches.