Bolivia is the Home of Ancient Archeological Beauty

Tiwanaku, Bolivia
Tiwanaku, Bolivia. Photo by David Torres on Unsplash

Most people visiting Bolivia are there for its breathtaking nature, starting with its show-stopping salt flats, but the country’s history is just as impressive. Ancient archeological sites are scattered all around it, and here are a few worth checking out during your visit.


This Pre-Columbian archaeological site is one of the largest in all of South America, and it can be easily reached for the capital of La Paz. Its grounds are covered by excavated pre-Incan pyramids, monumental structures, megalithic blocks, and other relics, dating back between 500 and 900 AD.

Gate of the Sun

Many stunning structures are scattered around Tiwanaku, but none of them compares to the Gate of the Sun. This stone arch is the centerpiece of this archeological site, and it’s believed that the central figure on this monolith represents the Sun God.

Isla del Sol

Isla del Sol is another important place within Inca mythology because it’s believed that it’s the birthplace of the Sun God. It’s home to several archeological ruins, such as Chinkana, Q’asa Pata, and Pillkukayna.

Puma Punku

Located in close proximity to Tiwanaku, Puma Punku aka the Gate of the Puma is also worth exploring. On its grounds, you’ll find cut stones of mysterious origin, which have left scientists puzzled and led to conspiracy theories linking Puma Punku to aliens and the lost island of Atlantis.