Book Cheaper Hotel Rooms With These Hacks

Photo by QUI NGUYEN on Unsplash

If you’ve already started looking into your next vacation, then you’ve probably already realized just how expensive hotel rooms can get. Fortunately, with some sneaky tricks, you can avoid paying premium prices. Here are some hacks to help you book your hotel rooms for cheaper.

Sometimes, Book Later

If you’re going to a large city where there is an abundance of available hotel rooms, such as Chicago, Boston, and New York City, then booking a room shortly before your trip can actually cost less. Many hotels will offer last-minute deals on vacant rooms.

When to Book Earlier

For popular holiday hotspots such as Miami, then sometimes it’s better to book earlier. Because they are so busy, the likelihood that hotels in Miami will struggle to fill up is very low. In fact, prices may actually rise significantly as your vacation date approaches so make sure to do plenty of research and book well in advance.

Last-Minute May Work Too

According to travel expert Adit Damodaran from, certain U.S. cities, such as Orlando and Las Vegas proved to be highly affordable even at the last minute. So, if ever you’re planning a spontaneous trip, you know where to go.