Book Lover’s Guide to Exploring Literary Attractions on a Budget

Last Bookstore, Los Angeles, CA.
Last Bookstore, Los Angeles, CA. Photo by Fallon Michael on Unsplash

From visiting local libraries to browsing through bookstores, book lovers always find a way to mix their passion for travel and reading into one. If your budget is extremely limited, but you still want to explore all the literary attractions each new city has in store, our brief guide will help you get it done.

Free Library Visits

Most public libraries around the world are open to the public, and they should be the first spot on your travel list. They’re a treasure trove of books, archives, and literary events – and you won’t have to spend a fortune to check them out.

Visiting Author’s Homes

If the city you’re visiting happens to be home to the house of a famous author, check how much money you’d have to set aside for an entrance fee and if there are any discounts you could use to your advantage.

Right Bookstores

Feel free to check out every bookstore that seems cute and cozy, but don’t be tempted to spend your money there. Touristy bookstores are often overpriced, so it’s best to shop elsewhere – ideally at second-hand bookstores selling used books.

Budget Shopping

If you decide to shop for books during your trip, do it with a budget in mind. Never go overboard because books will add a lot of weight to your luggage and you might even have to pay an extra fee.