Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Waterfalls Will Take Your Breath Away

Bosnia and Herzegovina has the best waterfalls
Photo by Jeffrey Workman on Unsplash

Bosnia and Herzegovina is one of the most underrated countries of the Balkan region, and most travelers fail to visit it while exploring this part of Europe. You shouldn’t make the same mistake because this country is worth the visit for its waterfalls alone. Here’s what’s so amazing about them

Kravice Waterfall

Located in close proximity to the Croatian border, this scenic waterfall is one of Bosnia’s most amazing natural wonders. In addition to taking photos and enjoying nature, you can also check out restaurants with local specialties in close proximity to the waterfall. 

Skakavac Waterfall

The Skakavac Waterfall became popular with tourists and locals alike since it’s located less than ten miles away from Sarajevo. It’s one of the tallest waterfalls in the Balkans and it’s truly a sight for sore eyes to watch the water drop down the slippery limestone cliff in peaceful forested surroundings.

Pliva Waterfall

Pliva isn’t one of Bosnia’s longest rivers, but that doesn’t take away from its beauty and natural significance. One of the most breathtaking spots located on its shores is the place where Pliva meets the river Vrbas to form an astonishing 22 meters-high cascading waterfall that you can visit from the nearby town Jajce.