Coffee Lovers Have to Buy a Drink at Seattle’s Original Starbucks

Foam Starbucks cups
Photo by 𝙆 on Unsplash

If you can’t imagine a single day without grabbing some coffee at Starbucks, Seattle won’t leave you disappointed. In addition to being home to more Starbucks stores than we can count, this is the place where you can visit the original store of this beloved coffee chain.

Starbucks’ biggest fans know that this company was originally founded in Seattle. The first store to ever open its doors in this city in 1971 was located at 2000 Western Avenue, but it changed its address five years later. It moved to 1912 Pike Place, the iconic address that’s now known by the nickname the Original Starbucks.

This may not be the first Starbucks to ever exist, but there’s something that sets it apart from any other store in the world. It’s been almost 50 years since this store stood in the same place, but it still looks the same way it did before: floors, fixtures, counters, and all!

Over the years, the Original Starbucks became one of Seattle’s top tourist attractions thanks to its unique, retro feel. Its doors are open between 7 am and 9 pm every day, and tourists from all around the world don’t mind waiting in long lines to get a fresh cup of coffee, even if it takes hours.