3 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Frequent Flyer Program

Optimize your frequent flyers: Plane flying
Photo by Gary Lopater on Unsplash

Frequent flyer programs are a great option for travelers that take to the skies with frequency. While these programs often require quite a bit of flying to reach VIP status or to even qualify for free travel, there are some tricks that will help you reach these rewards. Use these tricks to help you accumulate points and miles for your frequent flyer program and get the most out of it!

Sign Up for a Rewards Credit Card

There are plenty of rewards credit cards that offer you the opportunity to earn miles for a frequent flyer program with your purchases. Just by spending money, you will find yourself racking status upgrades and the opportunity to travel for free if you use it regularly.

Look for Deals

Part of finding the best way to get free flights with your rewards miles is knowing when flights are cheap and when prices have gone down. These low prices correspond with lower miles requirements to get rewards tickets, a great way to use what you’ve earned.

Use One Airline

Instead of only buying the cheapest option for every flight you purchase, focus your spending and travel on one sole airline, the one you most commonly travel with. This will help you accumulate miles and status for one company instead of a little bit for several companies.