Bulgaria’s Capital!

Photo by Alexandr Bormotin on Unsplash

When thinking of tourist destinations in Europe, the first cities that come to mind are Venice, Paris, maybe Rome but Sofia, Bulgaria isn’t usually listed.

The capital of Bulgaria is an enchanting city and a wonderful place to experience the charm and history of this coastal nation.

Sofia is an incredibly affordable place to visit and is littered with ancient Roman ruins and current museums and shops.

The skyline of Sofia is composed of onion domed buildings and while it is not a huge city there is still a vibrant nightlife and young population.

During the day time be sure to check out the many archaeological sites and museums exploring the Roman rule and socialist era in Bulgaria. There is the Museum of Socialist Art, a National Museum of History and many churches that you can tour from several time periods.

There also are many beautiful tours and short trips surrounding Sofia where visitors can hike, boat or ski. Because of Bulgaria’s location, it is also easy to visit Turkey, Macedonia and other neighboring countries for travel.