Never Recognize Your Luggage on the Carousel? Here’s The Case for You

Photo by Michał Parzuchowski on Unsplash

Whenever I fly, I make sure to tie different colored ribbons to my suitcase handle so it can easily be identified. But with all the many other black cases on the carousel, I take ages to recognize my luggage. Well, the time for confusion is over.

Firebox, a company based in London, has come up with an ingenious idea that will end the struggle to find your cases at the baggage claim.

The new invention is called a Head Case, and it’s a case cover that features a huge photograph of your face.

Obviously, it’ll make spotting your luggage a great deal easier. You could, of course, put anyone’s face on your case. How about your favorite movie star? Trouble is, someone else might have done exactly the same thing.

Stick to your own mug, and stand out next time you’re waiting for your luggage. claims you’ll be the envy of everyone in baggage claims with your cases emblazoned with your face. The covers are $26 for small, $32.49 for medium, and $39 for large, excluding shipping.