Can You Guess the Top Airline in the World?

Photo by Eva Darron on Unsplash

What makes a good airline? Is it how on-time their flights are? The comfort of their seats? Their food? All of the above? Bounce, a luggage storage company, surveyed these factors, plus others, for their Airline Index 2023.

The company also took into account staff service, in-flight entertainment, the percentage of cancellations, number of flights and baggage allowance.

Singapore Airlines is known for being world-class, topping numerous ranking surveys. But not this time. 

According to Bounce, Japan Airlines is the best to fly with. 

The national carrier earned an on-time arrival (OTA) rate of 88.36%, with only 1.56% of flights being cancelled. In regards to meals, in-flight entertainment, seat comfort, and staff service, Japan Airlines scored 4 out of 5. Where it truly shone was in the free carry-on allowance category where they received a 10.

Overall, it made up a nice score of 8.28, placing Japan Airlines in top spot.

The numbers were just not on Singapore Airlines’ side this time as they ranked second.

Typically a chart-topper, they, too, received 4 out 5 in the same categories as Japan Airlines. However, they only scored 7 out of 10 when it came to free carry-on allowance.

The one thing that Singapore Airlines’ has in their favor, though, is that they had the lowest rate of cancellations with just 0.3%. Their OTA was 77.39%, giving them an overall score of 7.63.

Rounding out the Top 5 were Qatar Airways, Korean Air, and Vistara.