Why You Should Travel With Public Transit

Photo by Mediocre Studio on Unsplash

When you arrive in a new city, you may be feeling all kinds of excitement regarding the places you want to see. But soon you remember that you have to figure out a way to actually get to those places. Should you walk? Should you rent a car and drive? Should you call a cab? Or should you take public transportation? Here’s why we think that the last option is an excellent one.

It’s Much Cheaper

The first, and most obvious, reason to travel through public transit is that it’s significantly cheaper than if you were to take an Uber or something of that nature. Traveling is expensive, so there’s nothing wrong with trying to save a few pennies along the way.

An Authentic Experience

Another thing to consider is that traveling by public transportation is just about as authentic an experience as you can do in a foreign city. This may seem bizarre, but ultimately you’re doing exactly what many of the working class people in the city do every day. As you look at their faces on the train, you start to understand what makes this city real tick.

Different Views

Another great benefit of traveling by public transportation is that you’re essentially getting your very own tour around town. You’re being treated to some of the city’s most common places, from cool landscapes to random feats of architecture.