Can You Stay in Paris Without Breaking the Bank?

Photo by Pedro Lastra on Unsplash

If you still haven’t visited the City of Love, you’re probably planning to do so one of these days. Unfortunately, a trip to Paris comes with a high price tag, and here’s what you should expect when looking for accommodation in this city.


If you’re looking for a room using one of the travel fare aggregator websites such as Booking or Hostel World, don’t expect to find anything decent for under €30. Cheap hostels near the city center are almost impossible to find, and you’ll have to cash out at least €50 for a private room – if you’re lucky enough.


You might actually have a better chance finding a decent apartment on Airbnb this time around, but there’s a catch. Service, cleaning and occupancy fees will add a lot to the original price, and most hosts don’t allow you to stay less than three days.

Other Options

If there’s a travel agency in your area offering trips to Paris, consider booking your visit with them. It’s usually more affordable because they have deals with credible hostels. Also consider finding a host on Couchsurfing, since it’s totally free.