5 Popular Destinations Where You Should Avoid Drinking Tap Water

Image by Katja Just from Pixabay

Before packing your bags and heading to a new country, there’s always a couple of things you should check beforehand. Access to drinkable tap water should be at the top of your list.

Unfortunately, citizens of many countries in South America, Africa and Asia are struggling with shortage of clean water, and if you ever find yourself in one of these five countries – you should avoid it at all costs, as well.


Just like the majority of the countries in South America, Mexico only offers drinking water with fairly poor quality, so it’s better to buy bottled water.


Most of the countries in Europe have a safe supply of tap water, but Russia isn’t one of them.


Anyone who’s ever planned a trip to India already knows how important it is to avoid tap water at all costs.

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Shin Mahinyu, the Snowman. . As I sit upon the shikara, slowly being rowed in Dal, I watch other shikaras trying to race into different directions, with different purposes. Someone is going back home after a long day, someone is ferrying tourists from shore to their house boat after they've returned from their customary visit to Shankracharya temple, someone is trying to sell the handicraft works to tourists and wishing that he could make enough sale for the day before rushing back to his friends for an evening filled with gossips, and someone is just relaxing in the calm water of Dal, listening to the sounds of oars hitting the water, and somewhere far away, I watch the life of Srinagar unfold with Shin Mahinyu in the background. They say the peak is called as such for the amount of snow filling up its slopes, making it shine on a bright spring afternoon, mesmerising everyone who stare at it. This is the earlier part of Pir Panjal range, the same one, which divides Kashmir valley from mainland India, and the same one that travels from Doodpathari to Banihal, to Kishtwar, to Chamba, to Rohtang Pass, where the same tourists might be lining for a picture in snow, a month from now, and then this range goes all the way from Himachal towards Uttarakhand, the state where I was born. And thus in an instant, while sitting in my shikara, I'm back home, as if this range is nothing but a vein that connects my head from my heart, and Shin Mahinyu is nothing but the receptor for all those childhood memories. A childhood, where I used to be fascinated by the stories of yeti, The Abominable Snowman. . Photo & Caption by @abhiandnow

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China is another country with an enormous population that suffers from polluted water sources, so opt for buying bottled water once you’re there.

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Many parts of Africa have a problem with water scarcity, and one of its most tourist-friendly countries isn’t immune to it either.