Top 3 Reasons to Visit Park Güell in Barcelona

Image by Michelle Maria from Pixabay

Antoni Gaudí is the mastermind behind some of Barcelona’s top attractions, but the Sagrada Família isn’t his only masterpiece. Park Güell is one of his most imposing works of art, and here’s why you shouldn’t miss it for the world if you ever find yourself in the Catalan capital.

Stunning Architecture

Park Güell shows Gaudí at the heights of his success, and it’s the most experimental building he ever designed. It exudes joy thanks to its mixture of different shapes, colors and styles, and we promise you’ll see something extraordinary on every turn once you decide to pay it a visit.

Gaudí House Museum

After seeing countless of Gaudí’s designs throughout Barcelona, it’s only fitting to visit a museum dedicated to this artist – and it just happens to be located on the grounds of Park Güell.

Natural Surroundings

Even if you prefer some of the other buildings in Barcelona designed by Gaudí, you must admit that Park Güell has more beautiful natural surroundings. It’s home to countless Mediterranean trees, several species of birds, and it offers the most amazing views of the city.