Taiyaki: Home of New York City’s Most Instagramable Desserts

The Big Apple is a home to countless Instagram-worthy dessert spots, but none of them compares to Taiyaki. This ice cream shop has been attracting New Yorkers and tourists from all around the world with its picture-perfect creations.

This store put a twist on fish-shaped cakes that are extremely popular in Japan, and turned them in one of NYC’s most beloved desserts. Their signature products are colorful fish-shaped cones that took Instagram by storm, but Taiyaki also put the fluffy soufflé pancakes on the map.

The main goal of this adorable ice cream shop is to bring the cultural significance of “taiyaki” from Japanese culture to the masses, while trying to balance innovation and tradition in their Asian-inspired creations.

If you ever find yourself in New York looking for a great and unique-looking ice cream, you won’t have to go to the other side of the city to get one of Taiyaki’s signature treats. They currently have stores in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens, and they’re slowly expanding to other states starting with Florida and Massachusetts.