Lago di Como is an Italian Paradise

Photo by Antonio Gabola on Unsplash

Have you ever heard of Lago di Como before? This lake, located in the foothills of the Alps Mountains in northern Italy, is one of the most scenic bodies of water on earth.

The Lago di Como is a glacial lake with a distinctive y-shape. Located on all three arms of this idyllic lake are small towns and villages that give visitors a look at a slowed-down, relaxed version of Italian life.

It’s no wonder that celebrities such as George Clooney and Madonna own homes on the shore of Lago di Como.

Even if you aren’t one of the rich and famous, it’s still possible to enjoy Lago di Como. A short train ride away from Milan, ordinary visitors to Lago di Como can travel by boat on the serene and crystal-clear waters of the lake, visiting towns and villages and marveling at the beauty of the lake and the surrounding Alps.

One of my favorite towns on the shore of Lago di Como is definitely Bellagio. The town that lends its name to one of Las Vegas’s most famous casinos is pristine, clean, and has old cobbled streets with small shops and beautiful villas that you’ll never get tired of exploring.

Lago di Como must be on the top of your list on the next trip you take to Italy. It’s the closest thing to paradise on Earth.