Carlton Gardens Are Home to Some of Melbourne’s Must-See Attractions

Carlton Gardens, Carlton, Australia
Photo by Jane Slack-Smith on Unsplash

Carlton Gardens are Melbourne’s picturesque green oasis, and you shouldn’t miss them for the world during your visit to this Australian metropolis. Several amazing attractions are located on the grounds of this World Heritage Site, and here are five you should explore during your visit.

Royal Exhibition Building

The Royal Exhibition Building stands proudly in the very heart of Carlton Gardens, and it’s one of Melbourne’s most significant architectural gems. It was initially built as an exhibition space, but it went on to host the first Parliament of Australia.

Hochgurtel Fountain

Exhibition Fountain aka Hochgurtel Fountain is located on the south side of the Royal Exhibition Building, and it’s one of Carlton Gardens’ most recognizable and show-stopping landmarks.

Melbourne Museum

Adjacent to the Royal Exhibition Building, this museum is another major attraction of Carlton Gardens and hosts diverse exhibits that explore the rich history, culture, and biodiversity of Australia.

Children’s Playground

You won’t regret visiting Carlton Gardens with your family because it hosts many areas for little ones, including a children’s playground designed as a Victorian maze.

Walking Avenues

You’ll enjoy Carlton Gardens even if you decide to simply take a walk down the avenues surrounding the Royal Exhibition Building and enjoy its tree-lined lawns and meticulously maintained floral displays.