Celebrating Your Honeymoon? Here’s How to Get Upgrades

Honeymoon. How to get upgrades.
Photo by Asad Photo Maldives from Pexels

Who doesn’t look forward to free things and upgrades? If you’re celebrating your honeymoon, don’t forget to mention it when you’re flying, lodging, and dining. Sure, it can be a bit uncomfortable to say that you’re on your honeymoon, but it sure can make your experience even more memorable. Here’s what you should know about how to get upgrades on your honeymoon.


A few days prior to your flight, call the airline and mention that you’re celebrating your honeymoon. Ask if there are any upgrades, like special rates for first-class tickets. You can also tell the gate agent at the airport that you’re there on your honeymoon.


We’ve seen in movies where the actors tell the hotel staff that they’re on their honeymoon and they receive amazing upgrades, but in actuality, hotels need advanced notice to be able to do so, so make sure you let them know you’re celebrating when you book your stay.


Let the restaurant know you’re celebrating your honeymoon when you make the reservation. You can also do this online, by leaving a note in the comments section. If you forget to do so, tell the staff when you arrive.

Everything Else

Whenever you book something, it doesn’t hurt to say you’re on your honeymoon. Feel free to also mention it to the person checking in or greeting you.