Top 3 Spots Around the World to Chase Rainbows

Rainbow in Mirboo, Australia.
Rainbow in Mirboo, Australia. Photo by Zac Porter on Unsplash

There’s something about seeing rainbows that brings us right back to our childhoods. While they’re quite rare in most places, you’re more likely to see this natural beauty in some spots around the world. These three locations are the best when it comes to chasing these colorful arches. You’ll want to capture these views and post them on your social media.


It only makes sense that rainbows would be common year-round in “The Rainbow State”, which also features them on the state’s license plates. The best spots to see them are Kauai, Maui, and Oahu. The latter is home to the Manoa Valley, which is known as the “Valley of Rainbows”.


Australia is home to the Rainbow Coast on the southern shores of the western part of the country. The sun shines from the north onto rain that then reflects off the southern ocean at the Rainbow Coast. Due to the sun, you can see a rainbow throughout the day.


In Irish culture, rainbows are considered a symbol of hope and good fortune, and because of the mix of sunshine and rain in the country, they happen a lot.