Check Out These 3 Great Cafes in Venice, Italy

Italy cafe
Cafe in Italy. Photo by Marialaura Gionfriddo on Unsplash

There are many amazing things that Italy is known for, and one of them is their café culture. Venice, in particular, has a vibrant café scene, offering countless coffee spots for you to check out while you’re there. If you’re in the area and looking to soak up some culture—as well as a tasty cappuccino—check out any of these three cafes in Venice.

Pasticceria Da Chiusso

You can’t go wrong if you check out this amazing café. Whether you’re in the mood for a plush, crispy croissant, or a foamy cappuccino, you’ll certainly have a great experience. If you’re feeling adventurous, we recommend trying the spongy sweet rum cake, also known as baba.

Caffe Rosso

This café has a little bit of an Italian hipster feel to it, in the best way. It has just about everything you could want from a Venice coffeehouse, from the authentic java to the absolutely delicious pastries. The best part is that it’s super close to the town square, where parties are often happening.

Caffe Florian

Walking into this café will have you questioning if you just stepped into another era. This is because it’s been around since 1720, and it looks more like it could be the living room of Queen Elizabeth. Made in Neo-Baroque style, this may be one of the oldest cafes in the entire world. Even if you don’t love coffee, this place is worth a visit just for the history alone.