Check Out These Three Art Museums in Brisbane, Australia

Like many other major cities in Australia, Brisbane is home to numerous fun and interactive museums you can explore during your visit. If you happen to be a huge art lover, here are three spots you should consider checking out while in this city.

Museum of Brisbane

Brisbane’s main museum doesn’t specialize solely in art, but art exhibitions represent an important part of its collection. This museum is best known for its extensive collection of historical ceramics, which now includes around 5,000 pieces, mostly by local artists.

Queensland Art Gallery

Located in Brisbane’s South Bank percent, the Queensland Art Gallery covers 4,700 square meters and it’s the most impressive institution of its kind in the entire city. It houses over 19,000 artworks from Australia and around the world, and it’s best known for its extensive collection of contemporary Asian and Pacific art.

QUT Art Museum

If you’re in the mood for a more intimate, happy-go-lucky experience while in Brisbane, this art museum is the place to be. It showcases the art of Dutch artist Dick Bruna and several more contemporary Australian artists, and it’s the perfect spot for family visits.