Check Out This Couple’s Inspiring Travels

You might think that traveling with your significant other is stressful and a lot of work, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Just let Chanel and Stevo, the curators of the fantastic @howfarfromhome account on Instagram, be the ones to prove it!

This South African couple left behind their corporate jobs a few years ago and now work as creative directors that put together multimedia content for companies all around the world.

These two go around the world with their cameras in order to capture the best shots of all of their scenic destinations. Despite the stress of traveling with their significant other, these two definitely have a great time and check out an incredible number of fascinating places.

It’s always a surprise to find out where this globe-trotting couple has ended up when checking out the “stories” tab on their account. One of my favorite recent trips that they’ve taken was a journey to Poland, where they sampled all kinds of tasty dishes.

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