City Breaks Take a Big Hit Due to COVID-19

CNN reports that cities around the world are getting fewer tourists this year due to the COVID-19 crisis. Many people have postponed traveling altogether, while others are looking for alternative ways to explore the planet that don’t include crowds. There are a few reasons that are making travelers stay away from the cities.

In some places, the strict policies are making it impossible to enjoy the vacation. When you can’t visit museums, restaurants, or reach public transport as you normally would—going on a trip is not really worth it. Other places don’t have restrictions, but that means they still get some travelers, and numerous people don’t want to risk going in the crowds, especially in a foreign country.

What can you do in the meantime? Until city breaks are safe and comfortable again, you can explore the places around your home and take more trips to nature. There are so many incredible things to see that we never had time for and we can use this crazy time to try and gain a new perspective. All your favorite destinations will be waiting for you once the pandemic is over!