“The Most Beautiful Bookstore in the World” Is Located in Venice

Photo: GodeNehler/Wikimedia Commons

There is a bookstore in Venice that prides itself on being “the most beautiful bookstore in the world,” and after some research, we’re inclined to agree with them. Of course, there are many incredible bookstores, and it’s not possible to choose only one as the most beautiful, but they are certainly making a strong case.

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Libreria Acqua Alta is a unique bookstore that found the best way to preserve books from water. The city of Venice has been battling floods for the past fifty years, and there’s still no way to prevent them from happening in the future. Since books are very fragile, this bookstore had to think outside of the box and find new ways to keep them safe. Their solution was to stack the books, magazines, maps, and other things they’re selling vertically—and for further protection, they are stored in waterproof bins, bathtubs, and even one gondola.

The bookstore’s vibe is fun and relaxed. We love their sense of humor, too—there’s one door marked “fire escape,” which leads straight into a canal. Several stray cats are hanging out there all the time. By now, you probably agree with us—this is the place you shouldn’t miss when in Venice!