Common Travel Mistakes to Avoid On Your First Trip to Italy

Venice, Italy
Venice, Italy. Photo by Dan Novac on Unsplash

Italy is a dream destination for many tourists who appreciate their unique culture, cuisine, history, and lifestyle. In case you’re planning to visit this Mediterranean country in the near future here are a few common tourist mistakes to avoid.

Not Knowing Dining Etiquette

Learn more about Italian dining etiquette before traveling to this country because Italians value their food and customs. For example, it is not customary to order tap water or to drink cappuccino with a meal in a restaurant.

Not Carrying Cash

Always make sure to bring some cash with you because you’re likely to find amazing food stands and small shops that do not accept cards.

Not Booking Skip-The-Line Ticket

Most tourists want to visit The Vatican Museum, The Rome Colosseum, or The Uffizi Gallery when in Rome but waiting in line to see all these attractions is a complete waste of time. Instead, you can book in advance and get a skip-the-line ticket that will help you avoid waiting in lines for hours.

Not Having Roma Pass

If you want to visit major attractions that we’ve already mentioned then it’s definitely worth investing in Roma Pass because this simple trick will save you time and money on tickets.