Top 3 Greek Islands to Visit

Greek islands
Oia, Greece. Photo by Hello Lightbulb on Unsplash

Greece is famous for its astounding number of gorgeous islands, offering relaxing beaches, beautiful architecture and delicious local food. Did you know that estimates of the number of Greek islands range from 1000 to 6000 (!)? That’s pretty unbelievable. Anyway, out of those few thousands, only about 200 are inhabited islands. These are the islands worth focusing on, since they are also the ones where you can go on vacation! Shall we list our three top Greek islands to check out when you look for your next vacay destination, then?


Okay, this one’s by far one of the country’s most famous islands, if not the most famous one. The largest of the Dodecanese island group, Rhodes is a combination of rich history and hot Mediterranean climate (hashtag beach vibes). With over 500 different hotels, it’s one of Greek’s most popular tourist destinations. Enjoy the Medieval city, visit picturesque nearby villages like Lindos and Faliraki, and catch some tan on the island’s many beaches.


Another lovely Greek attraction, Corfu is part of the Ionian island group. Thanks to different cultures leaving their mark on the island throughout history, it’s a unique mix of cultural and architectural styles. Visit the old town, check out the many churches and castles, and enjoy the clear-blue waters and sandy beaches.


Last but not least, Kos is another major candidate for your next vacation. Like Rhodes, it also belongs to the Dodecanese island group, and lists tourism as its key industry. The main tourist attraction is considered to be its amazing beaches, Kos also offers a rich culinary scene and a bustling nightlife scene, and many ancient architectural pieces.