Copenhagen’s Roads are Built for Biking

Photo by Febiyan on Unsplash

Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, is closely tied to the South of Sweden and has multiple historical sites. The city has an 18th-century rococo area that boasts some of the finest architecture.

City of Bikes

Fun fact: Even the politicians in Copenhagen ride their bikes to work. It’s a great way to whizz through the traffic on weekdays, and it’s also a much more environmental-friendly option than driving. You might even see a celebrity or two making their way to a set on a bike! Biking is the norm in this sustainable city and hopefully, other cities follow suit.

Great Communication and Synchronicity

As a first-timer in Denmark, you’ll notice that multiple people abide by the rules and even let others have the right of way first. The organization of the bike street lights is always spot on and the bikers are polite people. Rest assured, you won’t feel any kind of stress cycling through this neat city.

Bike Rentals Galore

There is a plethora of places to rent out bikes and even go on biking tours. If you’ve heard of walking tours, now there are also bike tours. Tourists can enjoy the sights around while having someone explain the significance of each location.