Fresh Tamales from Mexico are a Healthy Local Dish

Image by Marten Holdway from Pixabay

Tamales are a Mexican dish made from masa or dough. The best thing about a tamale is the part where you unfold it to reveal the tasty treat inside.

The word “tamale” was derived from a Nahuatl word that means wrapped. This Mesoamerican dish dates back to 5000 BC and spread throughout Latin America. Today, it’s considered the centerpiece of Mexican dinners.

Eat it With Salsa

Just like eating burritos with guacamole and salsa makes them even tastier – salsa will brighten up your tamale eating experience. Instead (or even with it if you’re a big fan of sauce), you can also use a mango chili dip or even pico de gallo. Yum!

Try a Sweet Tamale

Sweet tamales? Yes, they exists! Instead of eating it as a main course, some restaurants offer dessert tamales with nuts, cinnamon, and sweet spices. If you have a sweet tooth, try opting for this choice.

Consume it with a Piping Cup of Atole

Atole is a warm beverage made with corn water as its base and topped with sweet flavorings. These flavorings consist of cinnamon and cocoa powder, which would go great with the dessert tamales don’t you think?