Corendon Airlines Are Offering Flights With “Only Adults” Section

Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

Many passengers are unhappy when they see babies and children boarding their flight. They immediately presume that they will be trouble, and sometimes they are right. This is why Turkish airline Corendon Airlines decided to introduce an “Only Adults” zone for some of its flights.

Corendon Airlines’ idea is to offer passengers an opportunity to avoid being seated next to families traveling with babies or kids. The “Only Adults” zone will debut for Amsterdam and Curaçao flights starting in November and will be available for anyone 16 years or older in exchange for an extra fee.

Travelers who book a seat in the “Only Adults” zone will be placed in a part of the airplane that is separated from the rest of the passengers with a wall and a curtain. The airline plans to offer 93 standard seats and nine seats with additional legroom in this zone.

According to the airline’s founder, Atilay Uslu, the change aims to benefit all passengers. Those who want some peace and quiet during their flight will be able to get it. Additionally, families might feel more comfortable knowing that they are surrounded by people who don’t mind sitting through some baby cries and kid tantrums.

While Corendon Airlines is the first European airline to offer this type of service, the idea has already been implemented in other parts of the world. For example, Scoot has special “Scoot-in-Silence cabins,” while AirAsia X offers seven adult-only rows on all of its flights.