Bouncing a Baby During a Flight has Divided the Travel Community

baby on board
Image via Octav Cado on Unsplash

Long flights are no one’s idea of a fun time. Between sitting in the same position for hours, being super close to strangers, and food that we wouldn’t normally order, we can think of better ways to pass the time. All those factors can easily make an adult feel cranky, so imagine how a baby feels.

An Australian woman has found herself polarizing the internet after trying to soothe her baby during a flight.

During a 14-hour flight, Aliza Carr was trying to get her 4-month-old daughter to fall asleep. This involved the mother bouncing the baby while standing near the emergency exit row. 

“I know if my child’s life depended on it, she wouldn’t sleep in the plane bassinet, or even on us,” Carr wrote alongside a video posted onInstagram. “Standing, bouncing and aggressively swaying is the only way.”

While it is fairly common for babies needing to be rocked to fall asleep, some were horrified by Carr’s actions. 

“If I was sitting at that exit row and paid for the extra leg room… I’d be so mad having this happening in front of me the whole flight!” one person commented.

Another remarked, “No. A hard No! You can bounce your sweet babe in the back of the plane. I’d be pissed as passenger that was forced to watch you bounce.”

According to Carr, who works as a midwife, the area is where people go to stretch and wait for the bathroom.

“I can only imagine the comments if they saw me walking up and down the plane with my boob out breastfeeding my baby for 90% of the flight,” she stated. 

Who are you siding with?