UK Hotels From Movies And TV That You Can Stay In

The Savoy Hotel
The Savoy Hotel. Photo by Christian Lendl on Unsplash

Do you consider yourself to be a film buff? Well, if you’ve ever dreamed of recreating scenes from your favorite movies, then the United Kingdom may be the place to do it. Here are hotels in the UK from movies and TV shows where you can follow in your favorite actors’ footsteps.

The Savoy, London

In the minds of many hopeless romantics, Notting Hill easily makes the list of the top rom-com films of all time. At the elegant Savoy Hotel, London, you can put yourselves in the shoes of the ever-charming Hugh Grant.

The Langham, London

Yet another London gem, this hotel is sure to get James Bond fans’ adrenaline pumping. The exterior of this hotel served as St. Petersburg’s Grand Hotel Europe where Bond, played by Pierce Brosman, stayed while on an intense mission during Goldeneye.

Ballathie House Hotel, Perthshire

For budding royalists, The Queen, starring Helen Mirren, was a riveting piece of cinema. Remarkably, you can enjoy the same royal treatment as Her Majesty by booking a stay at the Ballathie House Hotel in the Scottish countryside.