Crawley Edge Boatshed is Perth’s Most Picture-Perfect Spot

Crawley Edge Boatshed
Crawley Edge Boatshed, Perth, Australia. Photo by Alvin Lenin on Unsplash

Perth is home to more amazing buildings, museums, and natural wonders than we can count, yet one tiny boathouse somehow managed to steal their thunder. Crawley Edge Boatshed is the most Instagrammable spot in this Australian city, but how did it become so popular?

An Amazing Story

Named after the suburb of Crawley where it’s located, this picture-perfect boatshed is often referred to as the Blue Boat House. Its striking blue color and dreamy riverside location put it on the map, but it actually only became one of the symbols of Perth in the 21st century.

Crawley Edge Boatshed was originally built on the Swan River during the 1930s and it’s been owned by the affluent Nattrass family since the 1940s. It was repainted in a bold blue color around 2001, and that was a turning point that transformed it into a major tourist attraction.

Huge Tourist Attraction

You can now find tens of thousands of amazing photos of Crawley Edge Boatshed by simply searching the words “blue boathouse” on Instagram. It’s one of those tourist attractions that owe their rise in popularity to social media, and the trip to Perth is incomplete if you don’t come home with countless photos of this simple, yet charming blue boathouse.