Delicious Food You Must Try While In Zanzibar

Image via Brooke Lark on Unsplash

Zanzibar cuisine with its fresh and yummy seafood from the Indian Ocean is a marvelous mixture of the Middle Eastern and Indian cuisine. If your journey takes you to this breathtaking African location, these are the top 3 dishes you need to try:


Don’t let this confuse you, because Biryani is indeed a food that originates in India. However, with the existence of the Indian immigrants, Biryani became one of the most famous dishes in Zanzibar. It is a perfect harmony of meat curry, usually fish, but it can be beef and goat curry as well, and rice cooked in variety of spices.

Zanzibar Pizza

It isn’t the healthiest food for your body, so if you are paying attention to your diet you should definitely avoid this Zanzibar specialty. However, a cheat day is allowed once in a while, right? Zanzibar pizza doesn’t even look like its Italian cousin. It is made of thin dough fried in a pan and filled with the meat of your choice – chicken, beef or fish and a mixture of vegetables – onions and peppers, processed cheese, egg and some mayonnaise.

Octopus And Fried Cassava

An amazing street-food often served on a piece of yesterday’s newspaper. Sprinkle some salt or dip it into a chili tomato sauce to spice it up a little.