Delicious Street Food You Should Try in Rome, Italy

Gelato in Rome
Photo by Juliana Malta on Unsplash

When in Rome, Italy, your first choice of food will probably be pizza or pasta. And we don’t blame you; you should eat as much of these classic Italian dishes as you can. However, don’t miss an opportunity to try amazing eats on the city’s streets as well. Check out some delicious street food you can get in Rome. 


If you are not too hungry and only looking for a snack, then you can’t go wrong with supplì. These fried rice balls filled with mozzarella cheese and served with tomato sauce will beat almost any finger food out there.

Porchetta Sandwich

For the meat lovers out there, it hardly gets better than a porchetta sandwich. Seasoned boneless pork is covered in all sorts of spices and seasoning before being roasted in an oven for more than eight hours. The result is savory, juicy, and fatty meat that is sliced and served in panino bread.


Pinsa looks similar to pizza and smells similar to pizza, but mistaking it for a pizza is a big no-no in Rome. What sets pinsa apart from pizza is its combination of flour and the fermentation process of the dough, making it a healthier alternative. There are also differences in tossing and baking, resulting in a different taste.


And, of course, don’t let us forget about gelato. This Italian style of ice cream is available on almost any corner, and you won’t make a mistake regardless of the flavor you pick.