Destinations That Feel Like Outer Space

Danakil Depression in Afar, Ethiopia
Danakil Depression in Afar, Ethiopia. Photo by Jorge Tung on Unsplash

Ever wonder what going to outer space would be like? Although traveling to Mars is only reserved for highly trained astronauts, many places on Earth mimic the mesmerizing looks of outer space and can almost feel like you’re being transported out of this world. Keep reading for a short list of some of our favorites outer space locations, and get your space helmet out.

Salar de Uyuni – Bolivia

Head to this European gem where you will find the Earth’s largest salt flat. A thin layer of water transforms the flat into a giant mirror that reflects the sky and creates an almost extraterrestrial vision. This place is truly unique for travelers looking for an other worldly experience.

Danakil Depression – Ethiopia

Venturing off into this African gem will transport you to another planet. With its bursting lava lakes, vibrant mineral deposits, and dense terrain, the region is a geological marvel that mirrors the alien-like landscapes of distant planets.

Great Barrier Reef – Australia

This reef will provide a glimpse into the unknown, offering snorkelers and divers an underwater space odyssey. The kaleidoscope of coral formations and vast marine life will feel like your way through the unknown ecosystems beneath us.