Snap of a Finger: Best Smartphone Photography Hacks for Your Travels

Smartphone photography
Photo by Frederic Paulussen on Unsplash

Travel photography is not just for those with uber-expensive professional equipment and comprehensive camera training. The truth is, anyone can level up their travel pics with nothing but a working smartphone and a little guidance. With these quick tips, you’ll be able to give your photos a makeover that’ll leave you wondering whether it was you who took them, or maybe Ansel Adams. Say cheese! 

Rule of Thirds

This composition rule of thumb is your best friend in crafting memorable travel albums. All you need to do is divide your frame into a 9-square grid, then place your subject (be it your partner, your best friend, or a highly attractive doughnut) on one of the four intersections of the lines. Roaring success guaranteed.

Squeaky-Clean Lens

Good photo ops are easy to destroy with fingerprints and smudges. So next time you’re about to snap a picture, stop to wipe your phone’s lens. You have no idea what a significant difference it can make to the quality of your images!

Take Candid Photos

Does anyone even pose for pics anymore? Today, it’s all about candid. Go the extra creative mile and capture authentic moments – from a mouth full of mashed potatoes to someone laughing ’till they can’t breathe. If you’re looking to tell a story about your trip, candid shots are as telling as it gets.